RDR Industrial Contractors has a highly skilled group of professionals that specialize in live plant repairs and industrial support. Our services include welding and fitting for routine, preventative and breakdown maintenance. We have a structural team that consists of Red Seal Welders, fitters/fabricators. We are capable of welding and repairing any material that is used in industry.

We are Division 2 CWB certified, which includes CWB welding supervisors and all welders are fully certified.


  • Custom Fabrication and Installation of Platforms and Stairwells.
  • Custom Fabrication of structural steel components.
  • Complete installation of Trestle supports and brackets.
  • Installation of hundreds of columns and beams and associated steel in a live plant.
  • Custom Fabrication of shoring posts and components.
  • Installation and fabrication of piping and hangers for vacuum systems.
  • Fabrication of pipe components.
  • Welding repair of precipitator hammers and hardware.

Vale Inco Mine

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