RDR Industrial Contractors core business is Mechanical services. We have extensive experience working on both Capital Projects and Maintenance contracts.Our Capital Projects team is made up of:

  1. Project Managers
  2. Construction Managers
  3. Construction Supervisors
  4. Procurement & Support Staff
  5. Document Controllers
  6. Construction Safety Officers
  7. Range of Journeymen Tradesmen


Maintenance Services include:

Supplemental Maintenance

Supplemental support for a client’s core maintenance staff to provide work force flexibility due to training time of existing staff, vacations, medical leave, and other legitimate absences.


Short duration, large work force staffing for work performed during plant shutdowns.

Maintenance Audit Support

Conduct a customized audit of current maintenance practices. RDR Industrial Contractors will create and present findings and recommendations following an audit.

RDR Industrial Mechanical

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