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This unique project involved the replacement of a flotation system in the midst of an operating mill that is over 50 years old. This design build projected involved a phased approach that required:

  • Demolition of existing equipment and structural members
  • Relocation of mechanical and electrical services
  • Installation of a new structure
  • Installation & commissioning of new equipment
  • Tie in provisions to switch from old system to new system
  • Commissioning of flotation system

Bridge Crane Rehabilitation

2 week project involved replacement of all disconnects and distribution panels for the bridge cranes located in the north end tank house of the Refinery. The task involved undertaking the work during off hours minimizing impact to operations.

Dump Chute Replacement

A 1 month project, RDR Industrial Contractors assembled an 8 man team to remove and replace the Wood Dump Chute located in the mill including inspection and repair of upper chutes and all associated welds. The existing 1500 cubic foot chute located 20 feet above the floor had to be disassembled and cut in to multiple sections before lowering. The newly fabricated chute was then hoisted into place and following the reconnection of all hydraulic components was successfully commissioned.

Sample Cutter

A 3 month project, RDR Industrial Contractors installed Heat and Sherwood’s model 1330-4300 and Model PPH10 Metallurgical sample cutters on the C-32 Nickel Concentrate Sump. This contract involved the engineering, fabrication as well as installation of all structural , mechanical, and electrical components required to facilitate the successful commissioning of 2 new sampler units.

Mill Structural Steel Replacement

This contract involved the replacement of 20 foot 8WS31 columns above the #1 Standard Crusher. Existing beams supported by the columns were shored to allow for column replacement and beams and hangers were then re attached.

Secondary Crusher Motor

Work performed was for the #1 standard crusher and #1 Shorthead crusher. The project involved the demolition and removal of cables, controls and existing capacitors for 2 crushers requiring the safe handling and disposal of PCB’s. New Benshaw Starters were installed, 2 new 3 conductor 500 mcm cables were installed between starter and crusher as well as new control wiring complete with all components to accommodate the new upgrade.

Smelter ESP

This project involved continuous upgrades to Vale Inco’s new Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) the purpose of which was to improve the local air quality and reduce air emissions. Our electrical team completed many projects including lighting, emergency lighting and alarm system improvements as well as the installation of control wiring for an intricate ventilation system and the modifications to the air slides allowing PLC’s to control installed air blasts that eliminating build-up in the chutes.

Phase 1 Tailings Delivery System

Working in conjunction with Smook Bros., RDR Industrial Contractors installed an 8.5 Kilometres pipeline of 20” and 22” HDPE pipe. The project consisted of the replacement of 800 Meters of 22” steel tailings line saddled in a 30 to 40 foot high tressel with 22” HDPE pipe which, was then piped to ground level where the remaining 8 kilometres was run alongside the tailings pond access roads. To facilitate the new pipe installation to the desired tailings locations existing roads were widened and elevations raised including the construction of 3 kilometres of new road.

Phase II Water Treatment Facility

This project was to construct a concrete foundation and sump for a new Effluent Plant. The work involved excavation and foundation work for a 1200 sq.ft. building, sheet piling for a 6,800 cu.ft concrete sump and the fabrication plus installation of support steel, access ladders and platforms.

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