Crowflight Minerals

Crowflight Minerals
Crowflight Minerals

Crowflight Nickel Mine

In April of 2007, a Winnipeg based Engineering company was awarded the general contract for surface construction of the 100 million dollar Crowflight Minerals project in Northern Manitoba (Crowflight Mine). As a major business partner with the Winnipeg based Engineering company, RDR Industrial Contractors was contracted the entire electrical portion of the project. This included procurement of material, electrical installation of all equipment.

Details include:

  • The concentrater (mill)
  • Crusher building
  • All conveyors
  • Sub station
  • Transfer house & warehouse
  • Final commisioning leading into production.

For this RDR Industrial Contractors brought in a team of Electrical superintendants, Quality Control, Journeyman and Apprentices which at its peak numbered over 75 men. Our teams finished this project not only on time but finished the project with zero lost time accidents.

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